Introduction Edit

JapanSoc is a social bookmarking website for Japan-related news, stories and information. It was started by Nick Ramsay in November 2007, and by February 2008, had over 50 registered users. JapanSoc was created as a community building tool, bringing people with an interest in Japan together, and giving them a forum to introduce, vote on and discuss articles with a Japan theme.

JapanSoc was officially launched on November 11th 2007, with the article, JapanSoc Brings Social Bookmarking to Japan, introducing the site and explaining how its development was inspired by other social bookmarking websites and the Pligg content management system.

Benefiting Readers Edit

Social bookmarking is a system whereby the users vote for articles they deem useful, interesting, or simply worth sharing. This method of ranking and filtering submissions usually means that the most popular articles are worth reading, saving time and bringing quality content to the attention of the reader. Subscribing to the JapanSoc RSS Feed is a great way to keep abreast of what's happening in the community.

Helping Bloggers Edit

A successful social bookmarking website with hundreds or thousands of users is a powerful tool for bloggers. Submitted articles that interest JapanSoc users can send waves of traffic to each blog, increasing the readership of each individual blog. Even in its early stages, JapanSoc can Boost Blog Traffic by giving alternative keywords to search engine such as Google. Bloggers are encouraged to register and submit their Japan-related articles to benefit both themselves and the community as a whole by providing useful or interesting reading material.

Promotion Edit

Japan bloggers have been working hard to give JapanSoc the exposure it needs to be a success. Tools such as the JapanSoc Feedburner FeedFlare , a Voting Button, the Nipponster Toolbar, an OS X Widget and Japanopedia's Checklist of 140+ Japan-blogs for JapanSoc are examples of how the community is rallying around JapanSoc. There is a JapanSoc Tools page containing links to all the promotional tools available, and banners and graphics that bloggers can use to show their support can be found on the JapanSoc Banners and Buttons page.

More Information Edit

Learn more about JapanSoc here.

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