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This wiki has been simplified. Here is the old version.

=== Help With Editing

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Now there are simply three sections all listed on this front page.

  • One is a list of Japan-related forums.
  • Two a list of Japan-related tools (for language, etc.).
  • And the third has links to sites compiling lists of Japan-related blogs.

You can edit and contribute to these lists!

== List of Japan-related forums


== List of Japan-related tools

== == Japan Blog lists


There are blog lists available at: (please contribute to these sites instead of adding blog links here)** JapanSoc - Okinawa Japan News -

BlogLinkJapan - -

Japan Blog Directory - This is an authored directory of Japan related links in multiple languages. Based on the main topic a blog covers it is added to one or more categories. Blogs that have not been updated for longer than one year are eliminated to keep the directory up to date.

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