Naikou's blog 僕の日本

Naikou, also known as Christian, is currently a student in Japanology at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. The purpose of his blog is to discuss, research and attain a proper grasp of Japanese politics, with a specific focus on U.S. - Japan relations.

Focus of the site Edit

The focus of the site is Japanese politics, focusing on U.S.-Japan relations. Specifically military relations, and Japan's dependence on the U.S. military prowess. Ever since WWII, Japan has been taken in under the umbrella of the United States' military power, due to the constitutional prohibition on having its own army.

Apart from politics, Naikou still being a student of everything Japanese, music, films, and literature are or will be discussed also. Other than that, Naikou is also interested literature of all varieties, of all countries. Therefore poetry and (short)stories can also been seen on his blog.

Pages of note Edit

Some of Naikou's poems

Naikou on politics

Naikou's writings


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