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The (or on-line radio broadcast is a free 24-hour streaming channel of Japanese study material, industry news and Japan information geared towards those studying or living in Japan. 35 cent downloads (referred to as "study segments") are available in the store. Each study segment covers a particular category of vocabulary (for example, reptiles, classroom nouns, business verbs) or phrases (like everyday expressions or phrases for hospital visits). Several free downloads are provided by as well as by sponsors - such at the entire collection of audio from -giving valuable highly specialized audio which helps teachers communicate with new students.

The radio channel streams samples of most of the store's study segments so that you can preview them but collectively they make up much of the content of the study broadcast and are about 2 minutes each. te 35 cent study segments are about 5 to 6 minutes each.

A friends site was recently added so that learners of Japanese could also have a chance to meet Japanese people to communicate with via language exchange, pen-pals or intercultural exchange. They also link to the international party for this purpose.

Main site: OR

Mp3 download store:

Language exchange partner site:

Also, completely reversed version of the site - - offers the same content for Japanese listeners studying English.

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features, for example "this website has a tool that helps with memorising kanji."

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