-Write a short descriptive line about the site here- YesJapan is a web based, comprehensive, interactive learning site whose goal is to teach students to read, write, speak, and understand Japanese. YesJapan is a subscription service that uses your computer and the internet to teach Japanese in a fun, interactive way with each student progressing at their own pace.

Focus of the site Edit

Japanese Language Learning Lessons take you step by step from beginning to advance Japanese study. Students have their choice of romanji, progressive, hiragana only, hiragana and katakana, and or Kanji plus. Romaji is designed for the beginner with no knowledge of Japanese and uses the phonetic spelling of Japanese words. Progressive lessons slowly introduce the reader to Japanese letters as they are introduced into the lesson. As you progress, you may choose the option of hiragana only or a combination of hiragana and katakana. Finally, for the advanced students a Kanji plus option is available. At any time during the lesson you can change your spelling option.

Lessons begin with the introduction of new words. Words and sentences are tagged with buttons that allow you to hear the word as it is pronounced by a native speaker. All lessons have a grammar segment that gives detailed information on word usage. Grammar is followed by sections on conversation and comprehension. At the end of each section, quizzes are offered to test your understanding of Japanese.

If you have any questions regarding any of the lessons, help is rapidly available. Each course and subsection in each course has email links to teachers who will post answers to your question

Features of note Edit

Non-traditional learning devices are also offered. Videos are also available for download on the site. They are available in Japanese with subtitles and are aimed at teaching parts of Japanese language and culture that are not often covered in text books. Games are offered as an alternative to the usual flash cards to aid with studying kana, kanji, vocabulary, and geography

Pages of note Edit

Of special interest is their JapanFiles subsidiary